One comment on “Cleaning Up Carcasses

  1. Thanks for the nod to my piece on Spacing Ottawa! I’ll be willing to bet that Toronto actually has a similar process to Ottawa, in that the bikes probably find their way (if they’re in anything like sellable condition) to Crown Assets Distribution – they move federal surplus from everywhere. But I don’t know that: it would be nice, though, to think that they’re not getting loaded into shipping containers and sent to Chinese junk mountains, wouldn’t it?

    What astonishes me is that the bikes stay where they are as long as they do. I know of an organization in Aberdeen, Scotland, that has an arrangement with the police to collect bikes, refit them or strip them for parts, and then loan them out for free: I think that’s just brilliant. Saves a lot of administration right there: from the people to the people, with no intervening warehouses or trucking. If I thought I had the time I’d set up something like that myself…

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