One comment on “Bike-Lane Boondoggles

  1. The Sharrows are indeed a tricky deal… they’re instructional to cyclists in circumstances where cyclists rarely need instruction. As you’ve pointed out, 80% of the cars on Dundas East drove over the sharrows during a particular timeslot – you don’t see 80% of bikes in the passing lane, do you?

    I’m all for the construction of more bike LANES in Toronto (especially on Bloor, and ideally physically separated from traffic), and I’m not sure why no-one is standing up and pushing the economic angle hard and fast:

    -a bike costs a Torontonian $200-$1000, a car costs 5-50x that much
    -fuel costs are Z-E-R-O on the bicycle, and unpredictable (not to mention high to begin with) for the car
    -bikes require slight modifications to existing sidewalks for FREE parking, cars require ROAD or must REPLACE sidewalk
    -no dedicated insurance costs for the cyclist, although that can (and perhaps should) change depending on future infrastructure and social trending

    All-told, I don’t know why a candidate wouldn’t jump to the forefront PROMOTING cycling and cycling infrastructure in Toronto – what voter wouldn’t want a representative who would enable cheap/free transport city-wide, in a way that’s healthy and fun, and enables you to avoid traffic congestion by taking, I don’t know, Queen’s Park instead of Avenue?

    Thanks for the comment on my Flickr photo, btw.

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