3 comments on “Bashing Bike Racks

  1. In a release issued today, the TTC announced that 94 per cent of its bus routes are (or will be, on June 20) accessible. Of the system’s 168 routes, 158 will be accessible as the TTC prepares to accommodate increased summer ridership. As well, 153 of the 168 bus routes will be bike rack-equipped.

    New accessible routes with bike racks are:

    * 33 Forest Hill
    * 117 Alness
    * 142 Downtown/Avenue Rd Express
    * 160 Bathurst North
    * 312 St Clair

    In 2008, the Commission said it wanted 100 per cent of buses outfitted with bike racks by 2010. While it hasn’t yet reached its goal, I’d say it’s pretty close.

    Good Job, TTC!

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