4 comments on “A Pedestrian’s Prerogatives?

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  2. as a driver and pedestrian, we all have to be considerate of everyone else – whatever mode of transportation they use

    we all have a responsibility to safeguard ourselves and not endanger others or put others in a position to harm us

    I am always astounded at pedestrians who wear non-reflective clothing in bad weather and cross mid-block with cars going both ways – the drivers can’t see you partly because of the conditions (dark with oncoming lights) and partly because they don’t expect to (our brains don’t see what they don’t expect to)

    cyclists are at high risk from cars but the swtiching back and forth beging being a “vehicle” on the roadway to a pedestrian in a crosswalk (turning a corner to continue moving rather than stopping and proceeding with vehicle traffic) means no one can know what you’re doing one minute to the next.

    the rules of the road are for everyone’s safety, so we can know what to expect and be able to sort out accidents later.

    Jo’s NOTE:
    Read Nina’s Views at http://ntrygg.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/cyclists-need-to-pick-one/#comment-277

  3. I don’t think jaywalkers are protesting car culture, I think that they are just trying to cross the road without considering the implications on others.

    One of the most horrifying things that I have ever seen was a pedestrian caused accident.

    I was stuck in traffic slowly inching across a major bridge between Vancouver and Richmond BC – the Oak Street Bridge.

    When we got to the Vancouver side finally, on this very dark and heavily rainy night, we crept up to the accident on the other side of the divided road.

    I remember the images in flashes, as if a slide show instead of video or live.

    An adult lay on the ground, feet up on the divider, head covered by a coat. Even in the dark it was clear that it wasn’t water swirling down to the drain from the head.

    There were groceries all over the lane.

    the back passenger door on the car that had struck the pedestrian was open. a small boy, maybe 10, sat sobbing uncontrollably, his dark raincoat bunched around his shoulders.

    the driver of the car stood by him, helplessly staring at the coat covered body.

    half a block up from this was a pedestrian controlled cross walk.

    the now dead parent had chosen to jaywalk across 4 lanes of very busy traffic with their child, on a dark and raining night, with dark clothes.

    I have never forgotten that child’s face and strangely, the groceries on the ground.

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