2 comments on “Bike Blitz Bags 400!

  1. Now if only the bicycle cops would follow the same rules they were enforcing, or can they ride on sidewalks and ignore stop signs?

  2. I have a folding bike that I bought at Canadian tire, it has 20″ wheels, and I ride it on the sidewalk all the time because I got hit by cars 3 TIMES over the past 10 years while driving on the roads. I was always riding my bike very close to the curbs, no more than 2 feet away from the curbs, but still I got hit and thrown like a bug hitting a windshield ! None of the cars who hit me stopped, they kept driving! So now I ride ONLY on the sidewalks.

    The only exception is that I know that sidewalks are for people, not bikes, so when there is a person on the sidewalk and I am approaching them I dismount my bike within 30 feet of them and walk my bike past them, then I get on again and continue. If there is grass beside the sidewalk then I get off the sidewalk completely and ride on the grass around them. My riding is no more than about 3 or 4 times faster than walking speeds, so I’m not ZOOMING by anyone, with a folding bike you simply cannot go as fast as you would with a regular bike.

    Where there are buildings with side streets / alleyways, I ALWAYS expect a car to be coming out, so I stop, look down the alley, and only then do I ride on.

    Every 10 or 15 minutes a person will exit a shop directly in front of my bike, and because I am only traveling about 10 mph on the sidewalks in dense areas I stop on a dime and wave the pedestrian to continue on their way while i stop for them. If you are going more than 10 mph on a sidewalk then you are definitely a hazard and you should get onto the road instead.

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