7 comments on “The Logic of LRT’s vs. Ford’s Subway

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  2. Why lose stops? What a wonderful idea! A “stop” doesn’t move people over any distance – it only wastes time. At 30 seconds a stop, that adds way too much time to a trip.
    It’s a 12 minute car-ride on the 401, and twice that at “surface road” speeds, triple minimum with that many stops!
    Drawn to “SCALE”, those 26 stops are about a train-length apart … so could hardly be called “rapid transit”.

    In it’s current state, TTC really means take the car.

    Why “join” at STC? Have to join somewhere.

    Why did somebody decide that two subway lines downtown should be 2000′ apart for much of it’s length? Sure is dumb to put two subways that close together and not cover the rest of the city!

    But… Storage facility? Dump that, and have them actually run all the time, and save that half billion!

    I know when I take my car, I’ll be able to get home. When I take transit, I’ve been stranded many times!

  3. I get so enraged reading about Ford from a distance (I live in NYC now) that my head explodes. He is selling War on Transit and people are dumb enough to buy it.

    I can only let these videos speak for me:

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  5. Dan, you’re an excellent example of the kind of moron that voted for Robber Ford. Or perhaps you’ve just never been on 401 at rush hour – when the “12-minute car ride” can be MUCH longer! Besides, no one lives on the 401, so travel times need to include getting on and off the highway.

    Did you even bother to consider the cost of your brilliant “plan” not to have a storage facility. You’d have to pay for drivers, fuel, and extra maintenance to keep all those subways trains moving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whether they’re empty or not.

    Not only that, your plan will cost at least 4 times as much – and this from a campaign that promised to REDUCE costs for the taxpayer.

    Good luck with that!

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  7. Very, very good questions. It’s things like this (i.e. Rob Ford’s “plan” that made me not vote for him. Fundamentally his ideas are sound (fiscal responsibility, who doesn’t want that?). But he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    I am so glad I live in Alberta now, far away from the destruction Rob is going to inflict upon my city.

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