So much Disposable Karma…
So little desire to repair it

Kenk's Karma

He was terrifying to some
Despised by others
Villified by Society…
Mythologized by those who actually
knew him

This photo-journalistic comicbook might set the record straight on where Kenk saw the world heading, otherwise the legends might outlast the man and his message…

KENK: A Graphic Novel

Kenk’s Karma

…a continuing saga

Making Time Fit the Crime

The Law left us feeling like Justice wasn’t served…The saga of Igor Kenk as Toronto’s “most notorious bike thief” provides us with multiple choices on how to cure this, and many other the Ills of Society…If we’re willing to let him rant one more time
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CIVIL LAW: Public mis-Perceptions about Property

The Public has now seen its first case of Property seizures, that led to forfeitures, that led to misunderstandings about the actual crimes…and left us wanting more Justice…For ALL!
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KENK: Training Wheels

Thousands of bikes forfeited by Kenk and donated by the Crown to serve a Public Good weren’t enough to satisfy the Public’s sense of justice…and nobody wants the Karma that Kenk is offering now either …


MEDIA: The Unspoken Mob Mentality

The vilification of Igor the Terrible has been underway for years, and this is the first of many reasons why popular ideas assure that Justice may never be served…
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Allright, I know what you’re thinking…But i’m not !

I’m one of the most realistic and pragmatic people you’ll ever meet, and I think it’s counter productive to waste energy on self-deluding dogma, and philosophical placebos. But even though the word Karma is associated with every variety of flakey new-ageĀ  nonesense you can think of…I truly beleive that it’s as real as those two tiny little points where your rubber meets the road…and just as important to how we make our way along the routes that our lives take us.


Bike Karma at BiKarma.com


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